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Title: Ring Around the Moon
Author: Tarlan tarlanx
Artist: DichotomyStudios van
Characters: Chris, Vin, Josiah, Buck, Nathan, Ezra, J.D.
Pairing(s): Chris/Vin, minor Nathan/Ezra
Word Count: ~10,700
Rating: NC17/Slash
Notes/Warnings: None, but this is part of the Dark Gift 'vampire' series.
With thanks to taibhrigh and aqualegia for the wonderful beta duties.

Summary: Josiah calls the others back to the old town when he realizes they have a problem. Another vampire has moved into the surrounding area, and this one seems to be killing mortals indiscriminately. With the FBI closing in, if they cannot stop him then he might expose the existence of vampires to the modern day mortals, placing all of their race in danger.

Written for mag7bigbang, and with many thanks to my amazing artist, [personal profile] van (DichotomyStudios).

Tarlan's STORY on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1084029
Van's ART on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/1087044




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Black Powder Page: home of the magnificent Seven gun collection which sadly, now exists only on the Wayback Machine. Make sure to select the entire page (Control+A), since the text seems to be white on white, making navigation impossible. Some of the photos are still there, others are missing. I will see if I have this page saved and offer it as a resource.
M7 Old West Slang: a small compilation from period newspapers, books, and memoirs
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Zeke Black's M7 Handbook: an extensive collection of reference material made available online
SallyMN's Collection of Links: An interesting collection of links, ranging from name help, to various M7 sites.
Deathdogs Site: may be a tad out of date, but has some invaluable sections on how each of the Seven actually do speak (well, except Chris, they seemed to have stopped before they got to him).
M7 Just the Facts: A Fact page of all things M7.
M7 Trivia: Includes a map of the town someone worked out.
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