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Title: Dynamic Reconstruction
Author: krisser
Characters: the seven, Maude
Pairing(s): Ezra/Vin
Word Count: 14697
Rating: M
Warnings: none apply
Summary: Search & Rescue AU - Maude tries to interfere in Ezra's life once more

The Title page art by cycnus39 - is so very lovely. Many thanks to her for the fine work.

Dynamic Reconstruction at A03


Drunk Anarchy by Tipper & Art by Randi

Title: Drunk Anarchy
Author: Tipper
Disclaimer: Usual – don't own nada.
Characters: Buck, Ezra, Vin, Chris, and some OCs
Pairing(s): None (Gen story)
Word count: 15,825 (with chapter names).
Rating: T – for bad language
Warnings: None (other than the bad language)

Summary: Billy Rufus tells the story of when seven men helped battle off some serious bad guys in his small mountain town, all to help out a woman and her son. And he tells the story completely drunk.

The awesome banner art is by Randi -- she made me two very cool banners. Both will be up tonight on my LJ, but you can also see them on her Dreamwidth site!



All final drafts, mixes and artwork are due today December 14th. So long as it is still December 14th somewhere in the world, you are not late! Yay!

How to submit your complete fic to mag7bigbang:

* Make sure your fic still fulfills all the criteria for participating. (It has to be at least 10,000 words and it has to be complete - that means any scenes you had outlined in your rough draft must now be fully written out. You are essentially sending us the version of your fic you're going to be posting to the community.)

* Save your file as a .doc or .rtf file. Please do NOT save your file as a .docx file as some people can't access this kind of file. Please do not copy and paste your story into the body of your email.

* Sending your final draft in to your mods:

* Send your email to mag7bigbang @ gmail.com with 'Final Story' in the subject line. Make sure you send from the same email that you signed up with.

* Attach your fic.
* Include the following basic information in the body of your email:

1. Your livejournal username:
2. Your email address:
3. Your word count:

* Artist and Fanmixers make sure your artwork or fanmix is complete

1. Attach your image to the email if it is piece of art
2. If it is a fanmix include the link where it was saved in the body of the email
3. Also include a track listing in the body of the email

* For Posting:

1. Once all of the fic, artwork and fanmixes have been received, emails will go out with your posting date
2. Monday December 16, 2013 will be the first posting date
3. For Writers when you receive your posting date, the piece of artwork and/or fanmix will be attached to it
4. You will post a master post to the comm and link it to your own posting on your livejournal/AO3/Dreamwidth/Insanejournal - this does include making a seperate post for your artowrk/fanmix

* Please use this format for posting your Master Post to the comm:

Master post content:

Title: [Your Story Title]
Word Count:
Warnings: [warning for rape, dub-con, incest, graphic self-harm/suicide and character death is mandatory. Anything else is at your own discretion.]

If you feel I've missed anything please let me know and I will make the corrections.

Artist and Mixer Claim Post 2013

Hi Everyone! I got hom earlier than expected so the posts are going up earlier rather than later. Yay!

We have more stories to choose from this year, so I hope all of our artists can grab something they like! :)

Information for Artists:
Art can take whatever form you like, so long as your writer is able to display it along with their fic. In the past this has included photos of artwork and crafts, as well as scanned pictures and computer-aided design.

If you are creating a fanmix: Mixes must be between twelve and twenty songs long. Covers are optional, but appreciated. A track list must be included. You can zip this up with your mix, but you must also include this as either a .txt file or in the body of your email when you send it in to the mods. Mixes must be uploaded to either mediafire or megaupload, as other hosting sites tend to expire links.

When a story is selected, I will strike out that story, meaning it is no longer available.


Story Summaries Under the CutCollapse )

When claiming a story please comment using the number marked next to the title and summary. Also, please remember that the titles and summaries are subject to change, but when the artist is put in contact with their author, they can discuss it further in depth with them.

Whatever type of art you create, it can be any size and any type.

So please think it over.

Thank you.

Mag7 2013 - Rough Drafts

Hello Everyone!

I will be away for most of this weekend, so I am getting the submission post up early. Please remember Sign Ups end on November 01 and Rough Drafts are due on Saturday November 02.

How to submit your fic to mag7bigbang:

Firstly, have you fulfilled the criteria for participating?

* Is your story at 10,000 words or over?

* Does your story have a beginning, a middle and an end? Your draft does not need to be the final version, but it does have to be essentially complete. It is okay if some scenes need expanding, a place holder can be put in place as long as it gives an explanation of what that character is going to do so your Mixer or your Artist knows what's going to happen. Your draft should not end midway through your story with no ending outlined. Stories won't be accepted without at least an outline of an ending.

If the answers are yes, then it's time to format your draft.

How to format your draft:

* Save your file as a .doc, .rtf or .txt file. Please do NOT save your file as a .docx file as some people can't access this kind of file. Please do not copy and paste your story into the body of your email.


* Warnings are mandatory. You MUST include warnings for rape, dub-con, incest, graphic self-harm/suicide and character death. Any other warnings you wish to make are at your own discretion. If your story does not include any of the mandatory warnings and you do not wish to add any of your own then please write 'none'.

Your story summary:

* Your story summary should be no longer than 700 words. Ideally, it shouldn't be less than 50 words. Remember, this is the hook that will tempt artists and mixers to pick your story over another one. Think about it like a blurb on the back of a novel - sell your story! Don't forget that potential mixers and artists won't be the only ones to see your summary, though - if you have plot twists you don't want readers to know, then don't reveal them in your summary. Hints are great! Secrets you want to keep secret: not so much.

Sending your draft in to your mods:

* Send your email to mag7bigbang@gmail.com with 'Mag7 BigBang Rough Draft' in the subject line.

* Attach your draft.

* Include the following basic information in the body of your email - please complete all sections:

1. Your livejournal username:
2. Your email address:
3. Your word count:

4. This is the part we will copy and paste into the summary post. If you require any additional html tagging, please include this too (for example: spoiler tags) - we will not tag your summary for you. Please try not to use bold or strikethrough tags as this can interfere with the summary post as we update it once claims are open.


Please remember this is not the final draft of your story you are submitting!!

Summaries for the Artists/Mixers will go up on Sunday November 03

Final drafts are due: Saturday December 14

If you see anything you think I might have missed, feel free to leave a comment and I'll do my best to correct the issue.


Mag7: Group
Magnificent Seven Big Bang

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ATF AU Guideline: Basically the ATF AU Bible of the ATF boys we know and love.
Black Powder Page: home of the magnificent Seven gun collection which sadly, now exists only on the Wayback Machine. Make sure to select the entire page (Control+A), since the text seems to be white on white, making navigation impossible. Some of the photos are still there, others are missing. I will see if I have this page saved and offer it as a resource.
M7 Old West Slang: a small compilation from period newspapers, books, and memoirs
M7 Trivia Page: a collection of people, places, and minutiae from the show
Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio: location of the town, however you want to name it, with several virtual tours.
Zeke Black's M7 Handbook: an extensive collection of reference material made available online
SallyMN's Collection of Links: An interesting collection of links, ranging from name help, to various M7 sites.
Deathdogs Site: may be a tad out of date, but has some invaluable sections on how each of the Seven actually do speak (well, except Chris, they seemed to have stopped before they got to him).
M7 Just the Facts: A Fact page of all things M7.
M7 Trivia: Includes a map of the town someone worked out.
M7 - Tales From the Script: has script information, a list of Old West websites, historical costume links, their horses... :)
Victorian Era Names: Can't think of a name for your OC, here's a handy site to help you out for OW fic.
Popular Names:Most popular given names 1801-1999
Victorian Western Wear: Costume - the costumers manifesto has quite a few links, though they're mostly to costumers & reproduction, they're still useful :)
Legends of America : Good site for ideas.
Western Slang and Phrases: Wondering what they might've said back then, look no further!
Food Timeline: Wondering what people might've eaten for a period piece of fiction, here's a handy site to help you out!
:1870's Kitchen: Your home away from home - in the old west.
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